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Photo of Park Chan-ok
Photo of Park Chan-ok

Park Chan-ok

“When I went [to Paju], I was told that phosphorus was coming out of corpses at the time of the Korean War, which caused this heavy fog. This idea of ​​turning to Paju seduced me. I also thought about the Coen brothers Fargo movie, where snow is everywhere. There is also a similarity in the pronunciation between Fargo and Paju. Paju with the fog, Fargo with the snow...”

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    Park Chan-ok South Korea, 2009

    Devastating and beautiful, Park Chan-ok’s sophomore feature blurs temporal signposts and reimagines storytelling conventions. Against a backdrop of urban gentrification, ruminations on irredeemable mistakes and repressed memories turn tactile, mirrored in the recurring image of demolished homes.

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Production Designer